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SMU covers an area of about 68 hectares, nearly half of which is used for different kinds of buildings, including 15.05 hectares for teaching and administration and 13.17 hectares for students' apartment. A collection of more than 2 million books have been well-kept in the library including 1 million volumes of e-books. Teaching instruments and equipments value more than 1 billion RMB. Information-based system and network application is sufficient for the operation of the university.

SMU has over 1,000 staffs, 250 of whom are with senior professional titles, accounting for 32.55% of the whole teachers. At present, SMU has 15 secondary unites and provides 39 undergraduate programs for about 15 thousand full-time students. SUM has set up a complete  system of disciplines and specialties. It possesses 6 provincial-level key disciplines including structure engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, biochemical engineering, botany, chemical engineering and technology. Artistic designing program in our university is a construction program of the Ministry of Education. Programs like chemistry and technology, politics and applied mathematical, Chinese language and literature, chemical engineering and technology, politics and administration, and elementary education are included in provincial construction programs. We also have university special programs including bio-technology, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation and computer science and technology.

There are 11 research institutions in SMU, such as Engineering Technology Research Center for Fixed Bed Clean Coal Gasificatrion, Fudan University & Sanming University Natural Medicines Engineering Research Center, Institute of Applied Biotechnology etc. 

SUM also has many international cooperations. At present, our university has conducted extensive exchanges and cooperation with many overseas universities and educational organozations. Authorized by CSCSE (Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange), containing three programs (finiancial management, tourism managemant and service education, civil engineering), applying "2+2" educational model. There are four programs for sending students to study abroad, which are programs for sending students to Delaware State University in US, programs for sending students to Nagasaki Wesleyan University in Japan, programs for sending students to Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University in  Ukraine and programs for sending students to National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Sino-US Cooperation Program for P.E.( P.E. Management) is organized by Sanming University snd Delaware State University with four years schooling length, applying "3+1" model. According to the agreement, the Research of Chinese Ceramics Culture and  East Asian Culture Academy in Korea are going to conduct academic exchanges for students, teaching and research staff, and cooperate on education and teaching programs. And SMU has programs for teachers advances studied abroad. We select and send several teachers for a futher study oversea once in a year.

SMU has been sticking to the concept of 'People Oriented' abd 'Scientific Development'. Aiming at building up its own characteristic university culture profile, the construction of school culture is being highly promoted. Meanwhile, various culture activities are being held in order to improve the overall cultural and spiritual taste of the university and to create a healthy, civilized and optimistic atmosphere. 

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